Global Trade

Our No. 1 focus is delivering superior solutions to our customers around the world.

Trade Farther, Faster

Imagine. A time-crunched tablet manufacturer near Shanghai needs to fulfill orders to the U.S. quickly and efficiently to keep up with strong demand.

Faster. Farther. The 777F — larger and more fuel-efficient than the aircraft it’s replacing — can fly nonstop between global markets, eliminating the time it takes to refuel. The result: In Asia, FedEx can depart up to two hours later in the day than our competition, giving businesses more time.

Multiple Modes, Many Choices
Multiple Modes, Many Choices

Imagine. An e-tailer needs to cost-effectively import sporting goods equipment manufactured in China and India to a U.S. warehouse in California. Online customers want flexible delivery options they can count on.

The power of networks. FedEx Trade Networks® freight forwarding services manage the company’s shipments from Asia to the U.S. via container ship, including customs clearance using FedEx Electronic Trade Documents. Customers can have their orders delivered via FedEx Express®, FedEx Ground®, FedEx Home Delivery® or FedEx SmartPost® depending on their urgency and convenience needs.

Superior ocean, air and ground solutions combined with electronic customs clearance make FedEx a one-stop transportation resource for businesses worldwide. We’re taking advantage of the steady growth in e-commerce with our unmatched residential delivery options (FedEx Home Delivery and FedEx SmartPost for lightweight shipments).

Manage Inventory, Maximize Service
Manage Inventory, Maximize Service

Imagine. A field engineer in Canada receives an emergency call to replace a vital part on a cancer-treating medical device.

Fast and flexible. Instead of stocking the valuable part at its central warehouse, the company relies on the FedEx Critical Inventory Logistics® global network of forward stocking centers. The center in Toronto delivers the part to the engineer the same day. The device is back online and saving lives.

As supply chains accelerate, FedEx global networks extend the reach of any business, making FedEx the go-to carrier for high-value shipments.

Simple Solution, Seamless Service

Imagine. A major U.S. department store wants to simplify its operations by changing the way it manages freight shipments. Using multiple LTL (less-than-truckload) companies that specialize in different services and routes is costly, inefficient and confusing.

One company, two options. FedEx Freight reshaped the LTL industry by offering the two simple options customers had been asking for: speed and economy. With one call to one company and one Bill of Lading, the supply chain manager makes his job easier and the company more profitable.

In the fragmented LTL industry, simplifying FedEx Freight has differentiated us from the competition and brought FedEx Freight back to profitability.

Mobile, Maximum Convenience
Mobile, Maximum Convenience

Imagine. Three hours before a critical presentation, a traveling sales rep receives an email attachment with a newly revised customer proposal. She needs 10 copies printed and bound before noon. The pressure is on.

Plug in, print out. Using her smartphone, the sales rep finds the nearest FedEx Office. From an email on her phone she enters a retrieval code into a FedEx Office® Print & Go machine. In no time she prints the latest version of the proposal. (Customers can also print from a USB device.) A team member binds the copies with an hour to spare. Crises averted.

Thanks to an alliance with Canon U.S.A. and HP, FedEx Office is the world’s largest printing network and the first print retailer to offer this convenient service in the U.S.